The Athlete Career Development Program

The Athlete Career Development Program (ACDP) is amongst India’s first certificate course programs built specifically for retired professional athletes. This program is designed to help former athletes who are looking to start their second innings in the corporate world, after retiring from professional sports. The certification program not just equips athletes with knowledge and skills but also strives to employ them into the industry through the Simply Sport program partners.

A very small percentage of athletes reach the podium in India. A lot of them may spend sometimes more or as much time training consistently through the years as the athlete on the podium but may not reach the podium for multiple reasons. While athletes that reach the podium are absorbed into the workforce through government or public sector jobs, the majority of athletes are left to fend for themselves post-retirement. A lot of athletes due to their commitment to sport lag behind in terms of proper education, which makes it difficult for them to enter corporate sector jobs.


Athletes bring with them a very unique sense of work ethic, life experiences, and perspectives. If their talent is channelized well this could help any corporate company or business entity to get an employee with a very unique point of view to the table. An athlete spends their whole life in training and trying to achieve their best in the sport, but they know their years in sport are numbered. Professional sports is one of the shortest careers in the world today.


For all of them the transition from being an athlete to not being one can be a turbulent time. This program aims to help such athletes by making this transition a lot smoother and helps them effectively navigate through it. It does so by skilling them and getting them internship opportunities in India’s leading companies.



Program Duration: 30 credit hours/ 3months


Program Start Date: 1st October 2021


Program End Date: 30th December 2021


Start of Internship: January 2022

Mode of Course: Online/ Via Zoom/ Classes every weekend

Course Content: Soft skills and Microsoft skills training

Internship/ Job partners: Cure Fit and Decathlon

Course fee: Rs.2500

Who can apply?


  • Athletes above 19 years of age

  • Athletes having played a sport for more than 5 years and at any level of 

  • competition- district/state or national

  • Athletes with a minimum educational qualification of passing 10th std

  • Athletes that understand Hindi and English

Where to apply?

Program Highlights:


  • Curriculum conducted and curated by industry experts

  • Networking with athletes from all over India and building a strong community

  • Opportunity to upgrade knowledge and skills at an affordable cost

  • Guaranteed internship positions post completion of course with India’s two leading sports brands- Cure Fit and Decathlon.

  • A chance to convert internships into full-time jobs, subject to performance in the internship period

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