The Athlete Career Development Program

The notion that one cannot make a career in sports needs to come to an end. An athlete doesn’t need to leave sports after their competitive career comes to an end. Pursuing his/her passion in sports is definitely a possibility. We want to make this possibility a reality. Here’s how:


Introducing Athlete Career Development Programme (ACDP). This programme is aimed at teaching athletes the basic tools and skills required to begin their career in the sports industry.

About the program

This course is aimed at helping athletes further their careers in the sports industry. After competing in a sport professionally, an athlete tends to have fewer options career-wise. The ACDP is designed to give athletes the skills they require to work in the sports industry.

Program details

  • Course duration of 8-10 weeks. Only on weekends.

  • Courses offered: Soft skills and Microsoft/Google basics training.

  • Online sessions via Zoom by trained facilitators.

  • Program fees- 2,500/- INR

  • Limited slots per batch.

Program benefits

  • Affordable fees

  • A great opportunity to upskill yourself and prepare for a career after sports.

  • Paid internship opportunities at leading sports/fitness brands post-course completion.

  • Get back your investment through the paid internship opportunity.

  • Chance to get a full-time job post your internship.

Program eligibility

  • Athletes must be 19 years of and above.

  • Athletes should have played their sport at a district/ state or national level.

  • Athletes should be able to understand English and Hindi. 

  • Athletes should be a 10th standard pass.


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