Corporate Development Program

Corporate Development Program is a curated employee engagement program offering for the corporate companies focusing on physical and mental well-being coupled with some interactive motivational session to help drive performance and productivity. 

Program Details

  • Online Fitness Program 

    • Group fitness sessions with our fitness expert with focus on physical well-being.

    • A total of 7 sessions 

  • Nutrition Consulting

    • A nutrition education session by Eat.Fit nutrition expert on having a balanced healthy diet. 

  • Mental Wellness & Conditioning 

    • A session dedicated to help build and develop strong mental health by our expert psychologist through this interactive session. 

  • Inspiration Stories – Interactive Chat

    • Motivational session by expert who have achieved in their field. 

  • Leadership Training 

    • A curated session for the senior management of the organisation. 


  • Full package (all sessions included) - 100,000 INR 

  • Individual tracks 

    • 35,000 INR for 7 days fitness (45 mins session each)​

    • 15,000 INR for nutrition session

    • 15,000 INR for mental wellness & conditioning session 

    • 25,000 INR for inspiration talk

    • 35,000 INR for leadership development session

Coaches profile


Arun Das

 Fitness Coach



Coach &  Mentor


Aditi Mutatkar

 Ex-Indian  Badminton player



Nutritionist, EatFit


Paul Walsh

 Founder- Jungle Crows


Amruta Deshmukh

Sports Psychologist

Frequently asked questions

Who can avail this program?

This program is curated for corporate companies or teams with employee count ranging from 10-100.

What are the benefits of this program?

The benefits of the program include: - Employee engagement - Improve health and mental wellness - Better concentration and productivity - Learnings from sport - Enhance connectivity amongst employees

What is the cost for the program?

We offer a comprehensive package or individual programs. To know more about the commercials, please get in touch with us.

What is the mode of delivery of this program?

This program will be delivered through online mode.

Will the sessions be flexible?

Yes, we can schedule the sessions as per your convenience.

Are there any prerequisites for this program?

No, there are no prerequisites required for this program.