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Be a
“Simply Periods Facilitator”

Simply Periods is an initiative started by Simply Sport in 2021. The aim of the initiative is to enhance female athletes' sports performance and overall well-being. We aim to reach over 100,000 female athletes and coaches through workshops, knowledge resources, access to experts, and research. Simply Periods is India's only initiative in sport working towards ending period poverty in sport. We have reached over 4000 athletes and coaches since our inception.

The Simply Periods Facilitator Program aims to find trained professionals for our workshops for athletes and coaches across India. The Simply Periods Facilitator will be responsible for conducting our workshops with athletes and coaches across India, collecting and analysing data as designed by the SSF team, and submitting workshop reports.

Promoting sports at grassroots level

Simply Periods workshops are tailored to provide comprehensive insights into menstrual health, offering a unique focus on understanding the female body within the context of sports and exercise. By equipping female athletes with knowledge about their bodies, we empower them to navigate their menstrual cycles confidently, ensuring they can continue thriving in sports.

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