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Mind Matters

Online programs for mental conditioning of athletes, parents, coaches and corporates.

Individual Session

A customised one-on-one session/sessions suited to address an athlete's psychological needs focusing on overall development. This program will help an athlete develop the strong mental strength needed to perform in sports by focussing on - Resilience, Concentration, Confidence, and Discipline. Any athlete above the age of 14 can enroll for this program.


As a parent, this personalised program will help in driving effective strategies for parenting and understand the role of a parent in supporting their child's development as an athlete.


As a coach, this program will help boost your coaching ability. Understand how to effectively manage, communicate and build a healthy relationship with your trainees.

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Group Session

Customised sessions for group of players, parents, coaches, or for teams. Planned long-term sessions will address the topic of mental health and challenges using the themes of - Self-awareness - Managing pressure and anxiety - Developing resilience - Character building - Meditation Choose from either 30hr or 50 hr program to suit your requirement.

Corporate Session

Programmed specially for the corporate employees, this program will help individuals and teams to manage stress and enhance productivity through - Mindful sessions - Learnings through sport - Healthy nutrition & diet


One day workshops to enhance performance of groups, teams and academies through modules like - - Team Building and trust - Leading and - High performance as a team - Managing Stress - Effective Communication

Business Meeting
Audience and Lecturer

To know more about the program, reach out to us on +91 9844966677 or write to us at

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