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Simply Sport Athlete Support

At Simply Sports Foundation, we aim to contribute to the nation by focussing on grassroot development of sports. A very important aspect of grassroot development is inspiration. We need to inspire hundreds of thousands of kids across the nation to take up sports. What cricket world cup wins have done for cricket as an ecosystem is a true example of what inspiration can do for advancement of sports in our country.

Besides cricket & badminton, we haven't had many superstars across many sports. Of course, recent successes in other sports has led to many kids taking up Boxing, Athletics, Shooting, Wrestling etc, but the ecosystem in these sports is still very nascent compared to where Cricket is.

While Simply Sport Foundation is working on grassroot development of Rugby in the country, we also want to contribute to other sports by creating inspirational stories. We are happy to announce our Athlete Support Program where we will support athletes from various sports with an aim of taking them to their desired goal. The goal can be winning an Asian Games medal or World Championship win or even a National games win.

The support will come in form of a monthly stipend, equipment, access to coaches, nutrition and mental wellness experts. As part of the inaugural batch, we are happy to announce our association with two very promising athletes:

To know more about Divya and Karthik, visit our athlete section.

Over the next 5 years, we want to support over hundred athletes and we will work on identifying these upcoming athletes at the grassroot level. If some of these athletes go and win medals for India, not only will it bring glory to the nation but will also serve as a great inspiration for many more people to take up sports. Sports has to play an important role in nation building and it will happen one athlete at a time!

If you are an aspiring athlete and do not have the right support system to get to the next level, please visit our contact page. We will get in touch with you!

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