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Simply Sport- Our Journey so far

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

It's been over 7 months since the Simply Sport Foundation commenced its operations. These have been very tough seven months for our country across the two COVID waves. Like all other businesses and professions, sports has been hit very hard by the COVID.

Simply Sport's mission is grassroots development of sports in our country and despite the raging pandemic, we have been able to create a good impact. While these are early days and there is a long journey to cover, here is a quick snapshot of the impact thus far and some key projects we will focus on in the coming year-

1. Mental Wellness for Athletes- This is one of the most overlooked areas in sports. World over, athletes are rising to the needs of maintaining mental health and are identifying various tools around it. This has been one of the largest areas of focus for us and since inception we have done 100's of sessions for 1000's of athletes across the country. We have done online workshops, one on one therapy and created online content to create awareness around this. We will continue our focus on this and ensure this becomes a mainstream tool for athletes to stay ahead of the curve and improve their performance.

2. Support to Grassroots Clubs- Simply Sport has adopted multiple small clubs across sports and have provided them support across multiple areas. The areas in which we have been able to help athletes across these clubs are:

- Nutrition: Diet planning, consultation and provision.

- Fitness: Fitness coaching for athletes, online & in person.

- COVID Vaccination Support: Providing COVID vaccines to athletes.

- Fundraiser: We have been able to do a large fundraiser for one of our clubs.

- Tech Support: We have helped some of our clubs get the right tools & platforms for online learning.

- Awareness around Menstruation: We have organised workshops to create awareness around menstruation to empower our female athletes.

- Equipment Support: Providing right equipment to athletes.

The clubs which are covered under our programme are:

- Jungle Crows Foundation, Kolkata

- Hyderabad Yacht Club, Telangana

- Proddatur sports academy, Andhra Pradesh

- Iychettira Naren Subbaya Sports Academy, Coorg

Some other academies where we have run our programs include- Delhi Football Association, Rugby League India Federation, Dempo FC & Six Cricket Academy.

3. Athlete Support- Simply Sport has been actively supporting various athletes across sports with a view of taking them to the next level of performance. Divya Satija is one such athlete. Read her story here.

In the coming quarters, we have an exciting roster of initiatives lined up:

- Launchpad program: Identifying young athletes across sports and making them ready to represent India. More details here.

- Development program for corporates: Programs for corporates to help their employees improve their physical fitness & mental strength.

- Career Development for Athletes: This is a yet to be announced initiative where we will help create an alternate career track for athletes at the end of their sporting career.

- Rugby League: Continue working with Rugby League India Federation for developing the sport at the grassroots level.

- Women's Participation Research- We are actively engaged with the Sports Authority of India to conduct deep research to identify big-impact areas for the Indian sports ecosystem – starting with factors that will exponentially improve women participation in sports.

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We strongly believe that sports is a very powerful tool for nation building and we are contributing in our best possible way. If you are looking to participate in this journey, please get in touch with us. We are looking for volunteers & sponsors to help us in our mission.



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