mind matters

Online programs for mental conditioning of athletes, parents, coaches and corporates.

Mind Matters programs


Flexible option mental conditioning program for athletes (any level in sport), parents or a coaches

For Individuals

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For Teams

Mental conditioning program suited for groups - pool of players, team, parents or coaches.

Business Meeting

For Corporates

Program designed to train the corporates in the space of mental wellbeing and health.

Audience and Lecturer


One day workshops to enhance performance of groups, teams and academies.

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Know Your Counselor

Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh is a former national champion cyclist, triathlete, and long-distance swimmer and now an experienced, qualified sports psychologist. She is well placed to explain how fitness and sports professionals can develop in their client's and trainee's motivation, confidence, mental toughness, goal-setting, and visualization. She will also show how psychology and mental health can be used in clients' assessment and exercise prescription. More than ever before, psychology and mental fitness is now a critical tool in the hands of fitness/sports professionals.

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