The art of managing emotions and winning

This program highlights the importance of sports psychology and how the knowledge of it can be used by young athletes to manage their emotions and thrive during competitions.

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Introduction of the course

Sports Science forms one of the most important pillars that build a successful athlete. In India, both the awareness and access to sports science remains a privilege of the few and not the many. We believe sports science should be part of an athlete’s journey right from the beginning of their careers and not when they reach the highest level of competition. Hence, our sports science program aims at giving access to grassroot athletes to critical topics like sports psychology, nutrition, exercise physiology, injury management, strength and conditioning, etc. through workshops and online webinars. Our lecture series is designed in such a way that they give both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject to our participants. 

About the program with 'The Athlete Mentality'

We are partnering with the head psychologist of the sports psychology consultancy The Athlete Mentality, Manal Bole to impart our first webinar series for athletes on sports psychology. This program will make athletes aware about the importance of sports psychology, will help them understand how to manage emotions and thrive through them during competition through various strategies. 

Know your expert:


Manal Bole

Manal Bole, has completed her MSc. from the University of Stirling in Scotland, and has been an avid traveler and footballer since a young age. Her exposure has equipped her to approach each athlete and obstacle individually. Guided through a five step routine of awareness, acceptance, process, practice and reflection,  she is driven to provide athletes with support that helps them cope with the mental pressures in competitive sport, grow into self-aware athletes, creating a healthy support system for the athletes and ensure their overall mental wellbeing. Manal has trained more than 30 athletes individually and various teams as a professional.

Program Details:

Batch Starts: 7th May

Duration: 5 weeks  (Weekend batches) 

Participants per batch: 30

Batch 1: 9 - 14 years

Batch 2: 15 - 18 years

Delivery mode: Online via Zoom

Last date of registration: 2nd May

The course module will include:

Module 1: Awareness of Sport Psychology

Module 2: Understanding & managing emotions 

Module 3: How do emotions impact your performance? 

Module 4: Sport Psychology techniques for managing emotions 

Module 5: Star athlete speaker on managing emotions/ Q & A

Program Eligibility:

If you are an athlete in the age group of 9-18 years of age and play competitive sport you can register for the program. Fluency in Hindi or English is required. Entry to the program will be on a first come first basis.

Benefits of the program:

  • Access to a professional and experienced sports psychologist

  • Learn through hands-on activities and practice sheets for self-training

  • Get access to our psychologist to get all your questions and doubts answered throughout the month

  • Access to other athletes from different sports and regions of the country

  • Assessment and exercise sheets with tasks will be shared every week

  • Get access to an exclusive session of question and answers with an international level athlete

  • 20% discount on individual sessions with our psychologist post the workshop

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