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Our Impact

"Success isn't given. It's earned. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood,

sweat, and the occasional tear" said Ann Quinn. 

The team at Simply Sport Foundation believes firmly in this adage. We believe that athletes striving to reach their full potential can impact countless others to do the same.  So, we constantly impact ‘success’ in the lives of athletes who vigorously strive to hit their goals in 'Life' and 'Sports.' Through our work, we also promote better health, well-being, and career development for male and female athletes and coaches and a more inclusive society as a whole.  So far, working with partner academies, experts and individuals, we’ve benefited nearly 11600 athletes and coaches. We aim to transform the grassroots levels for the better! 



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Grassroots-level athletes' lives

touched through our

various programs

 Worth of support towards athletes, and partners for enabling sports & sustenance

1.2 CR


Raised and donated towards our partner initiatives

2 CR

Coaches educated and empowered through Simply Periods and Simply Smiles programs

Grassroots Sports

We are helping grassroots sports academies spread across India with support services in mental health, nutrition, fitness, equipment, and financial support to help them improve their reach and impact. We currently work with S4D (sports 4 development) communities across India. Following are some of the key interventions with our communities-


Our commitment lies in delivering premier equipment to amplify sports quality and boost athletic achievement. From sport-specific essentials to state-of-the-art fitness gear, our aim is clear: to optimize performance and empower athletes to unlock their utmost capabilities.

Financial Support

We offer comprehensive financial aid to our valued partners, assisting them in managing various expenditures associated with tournaments, events, coaching fees, and essential infrastructure enhancements. Furthermore, we have established a streamlined process through which donors can directly contribute to our partners, thereby ensuring a focused and impactful support system for their respective causes.

 Athlete Support

Our Athlete Support Program identifies athletes from our grassroots ecosystem for added support to help them achieve their ultimate sporting goals. We provide the all-round support an athlete needs to ensure their focus remains on performance. The program identifies needs of the chosen athletes before providing the necessary interventions in the form of specialized coaching, proper equipment, access to sports science experts, and financial assistance.

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Mental health in sports 
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The topic of mental health in sport plays a major role in our mission to provide athletes the all-round development they need. We educate them on the importance of it, and arm them with the necessary tools to identify signs and symptoms at the early stages. We recently launched the Simply Smiles initiative, which is targeted towards empowering coaches to have open conversations about the mental health struggles athlete’s face, and educate them on early intervention measures. 


The foundation conducts workshops, both online and offline, to help coaches and athletes. Through the help of certified sports psychologists, we educate them on the importance of the mental side in sports. We are hoping to take the initiative across India and break the stigma surrounding mental health. 

SAI Support

We work closely with the Sports Authority of India on multiple fronts. Starting in February 2022, we entered into a partnership with the Sports Authority of India on various projects. These include sports science, equipment, expertise, tech support, and research. For sports to prosper in the country, we cannot succeed without an integrated approach and partnerships. Through this partnership, we aim to impact the lives of thousands of grassroots athletes and the Indian sports ecosystem. So far, we have intervened in the following areas -


Tech support - Helped in enhancements of the SAI website and sports portals (National Playfield repository & NSRS).


Sports Science support - Through conducting yoga sessions, provision of experts and enabling menstruation curriculum for coaches at Bangalore.


NCOE Infrastructure - Better look and feel of gym and mess with new modern interiors at Bangalore NCOE 

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Sports science 

Sports science is another key area of focus for the Simply Sport Foundation. A number of our partner academies do not have access to strength & conditioning coaches, expert nutritionists and certified sports psychologists to help their athletes. And it is a key part in helping provide an athlete the all-round development they need at an early stage. 


The foundation endures the academies have access to every aspect of training the athlete needs by keeping a set of sports science experts under our umbrella. Our experts travel to all our partner academies to hold workshops and sessions, to educate the coaches and athletes about its importance, while also ensuring the impact is measured with quarterly reports and assessments. 

Grassroot leagues

Apart from supporting the grassroots sports ecosystem with partner academies across India, the Simply Sport Foundation also runs two of their own programs. We have partnered with Prime Volleyball League franchise Bengaluru Torpedoes and badminton franchise Kodagu Tigers. 


We are running the aforementioned franchises’ grassroots programs in Bangalore and Kodagu respectively. We provide them support in terms of qualified coaches, equipment and sports science expertise. 

Menstruation and Sports 

The Simply Sport Foundation's Women in Sports initiative, the Simply Periods Initiative, is leading a transformative movement by empowering female athletes, coaches, and support staff. Drawing insights from a diverse array of experts including nutritionists, gynecologists, psychologists, coaches, communicators, exercise scientists, physiotherapists, and strength and conditioning specialists, our almost 60 workshops have effectively reached 3,500 participants over the span of two years.


These workshops ingeniously merge theoretical knowledge with practical applications, equipping athletes to excel in sports while embracing the natural rhythms of menstruation. In a pivotal milestone, we integrated menstruation into the NIS Diploma course at SAI Bangalore in 2022. Continuing this momentum, our partnership with Reliance Foundation in 2023 extended our footprint across Odisha's sports landscape, fostering inclusivity and dispelling taboos. Our mission is to ensure that every athlete can unleash their full potential unencumbered and by doing so, redefine the future of women in sports.

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