The aim of our athlete support initiative is to provide holistic support to the selected individual athletes with the potential to excel and represent India in the sport. Potential athletes are chosen from our community/partner programs and inducted into the support program from time to time. 

Through this program, we identify the need of the athletes and based on that, we provide interventions in the form of coaching, equipment, sports science support, financial, and nutrition to help them achieve their goals. 

At present, we have two athletes who are part of this program. 

sandhya rai.jpg

Sandhya Rai

Sandhya Rai is an Indian rugby player. She has represented India at both senior and junior level having captained the U-18 girl's team. Sandhya is the only Indian among the 16  'unstoppable' women players shortlisted from Asia, part of Asia Rugby's Rugby Unstoppable campaign. She is also pursuing her sports management degree in parallel.

Our Athlete

Sandhya Rai - “I have never experienced anything like this before. Earlier I would always struggle to save up for a new kit, or equipment but now all of it is taken care of by the Athlete Support Program. I never focused on nutrition and diet because I was unaware of it but now I have a guided plan of when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat which has positively impacted my performance. The mental health sessions also have benefitted me. I have seen a huge change in performance from before and mentally also I am more stable”. 


Saneeth Dayanand - “Athlete Support Program has definitely changed my performance in a positive way. With their help, I am able to participate in international championships”.