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Why Donate?

In India, professional sport is not equitable, sustainable or accessible. A lot of investment in terms of funds, sport science support, equipment support, mentorship, etc. is catered towards a minority of athletes playing at elite levels. Simply, Sport aims to change this. We believe that holistic support that includes funding, sports science, career planning, and mentorship should be available to players right between the age group of 11-18 and, starting at the district level, participation. We are invested in building athletes not just as medal winners but as humans. Our programs range from their active professional journey to way beyond their playing careers. 

We believe India needs to build a strong and robust feeder system to the elite sport ecosystem. Your donation will help us achieve that.


Join us as we build an equitable, sustainable and an accessible professional sports ecosystem.

Support our athletes 

You can support our athletes and help them to go on to represent India in their respective sport. Your valuable support will be used to provide necessary interventions in the areas of equipment, tournament expense, travel, nutrition, and training.  

sandhya rai.jpg

Sandhya Rai

Rajula Ramu.webp

Rajula Ramu 


Saneeth Dayanand

We are working with foundations and academies to sustain their various sports initiatives in nurturing young sporting talents across various sports. 

Support Community development programs 

Help support our communities 

Simply Sport is a not-for-profit foundation registered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. We are 80G and 12AA compliant. All the donations made will be eligible for tax exemptions under 80G. For donations and 80G receipt please contact us.

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