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Analysis of jobs in the Indian sports industry

History and growth

The Sports Management Industry in India is growing at approximately 15% per annum (source: DataPOWA) which is far more than the average growth rate of 5% worldwide. While globally, the sports industry contributes to 0.5% share of the GDP, in India it contributes only 0.1% to the GDP. According to a FICCI report published in 2018, India would require an estimated 4.3 million sports professionals working in the industry by 2022. To highlight the growing demand, IPL over the last decade has created employment opportunities for and also created employment for over 15000 professionals. Although the sports industry’s contribution to employment in India is just 0.5% as compared to 2-4% in developed countries, the number is estimated to rise rapidly in the coming years. Back in 2010, there were only a meager of colleges in India that offered sports management and related courses, and interested students mostly opted to study abroad. But now there are over 70 colleges/universities offering sports management or sports related courses right from degree to masters to diploma level.

Sports participation Vs Career option

While at least 50% of sports-crazy individuals actively participate in sports or choose sports as a career in other parts of the world, only 1 % out of 62 % youngsters ‘interested in sports’ end up choosing sports as a career option in India. It’s 35% in the USA and 30% in China. A area India needs to address deeply on converting participation interest into career option.

Funding for various sports by the government

Recent job trends in sports industry

Job searches for sports-related opportunities like personal trainer, sports centre manager and nutritionist have risen steadily in the country but postings for such positions have been gradually declining over the years, according to a report.

Searches for jobs related to sports have gone up by 11 % while postings for these jobs went down by 25 % in the period, according to a report by global job site Indeed.

Job seekers in the age group of 21-25 years showed the most interest in sports-related jobs, making up almost half (45 %) of all clicks in the category.

Different sports jobs available in India

Here is a list of jobs in the sports industry which are currently active:

Sales & Marketing

  • Sports marketing

  • Sponsorship sales


  • Match day operations

  • Venue operations

  • Hospitality

  • Ticketing

  • Ground staff

  • Spectator/Crowd management

  • Team manager


  • Social media manager

  • Communications officer

  • Content writers

  • Photographer

  • Videographer


  • Sport Lawyers


  • Data analysts

  • Video analysts

  • Statistician


  • Merchandising

  • Goods procurement

Broadcast & Media

  • Producer

  • Broadcasting and media rights


  • Scouting

  • Player management/talent representation

  • Development officer

  • Physical education teachers

  • Sport lecturers

  • Trainers/Physios

  • Sport center managers

  • Nutritionists/Dieticians

Leading sports jobs market by state

Metros cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have contributed big in creating sports jobs in India. With various factors like ease of business, professional sport clubs, fitness centers, schools/colleges, events, sports infrastructure, e-commerce boom helping drive the growth. Here's a state wise break-up of the jobs market share -

Delhi - 24%

Maharashtra - 20%

Karnataka - 15%

Telangana - 8%

Tamil Nadu - 8%

Sports courses offering colleges in India

As per the latest data from educational websites, India has more than 78 colleges/universities that offer various sports related courses ranging from diploma to masters. Private colleges form the majority of the colleges offering courses with 80%. Various colleges/universities have also introduced tie-ups with renowned foreign universities to bring the courses to the Indian students.

Some of the well known public or government aided colleges are:

  • LNIPE, Gwalior

  • LNCPE, Trivandrum

  • National Sports University Society, Imphal

  • Swarnim Gujarat Sports University, Gujarat

  • Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, Chennai

Few of private colleges offering sports related courses:

  • National Academy of Sports Management (NASM), Mumbai

  • International Institute of Sports Management (IISM), Mumbai

  • Global Institute of Sports Business, Mumbai

  • Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata

  • Symbiosis School of Sports sciences (SSSS), Pune

  • Institute for Sports science and technology, Pune

  • IIT Rohtak

  • DY Patil Management college, Mumbai

Majority of the students choose to study sports related courses post their graduate studies with Masters (MSc.) and MBA in sports management being the most popular degrees.

Average length of the various program in India:

Bachelors - 3 to 4 years (Full-time)

Masters - 2 years (Full-time)

Doctorate - 4 to 5 years (Full-time)

Women participation in sports jobs in India