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Importance Of Mental Wellness

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Mental wellness is a positive state of mental health. It is more than the absence of mental illness. Wellness is essential to living a full and productive life. One must develop and maintain a set of skills and strategies to prevent the onset of or shorten the duration of illness, while promoting recovery and well being. Being well is more than just being free of disease, it is understanding how, when and why to seek help and willing to fight things like stigma.

Being mentally well means that your mind is in order and functioning in your best interest. You are able to think, feel and act in ways that create a positive impact on your physical and social well being.

Mentally well people are positive, self assured and happy. They are in control of their thoughts, emotions and behavior. This enables them to handle challenges, build strong relationships and enjoy life with what they have. Achieving good mental health will enable you to:

  • Realize your own abilities,

  • Cope with the stress and challenges of life,

  • Engage in productive work,

  • Contribute to your community

Sustaining mental health requires time and effort. The more you invest in your mental health, the stronger it will become.

Our team Samiksha Sports Psychology Consultancy in collaboration with Simply Sport Foundation conducted a 3-week Mental Wellness Program. The main aim of this program was to introduce the concept of mental wellness and create awareness regarding the importance of mental health in one's life. This program also highlighted the

key to wellness, that is, to be persistent and consistent with the mental training practices.

Samiksha Sports says, we train ourselves physically by going to a gym and exercising daily, we take efforts to improve our technical skills in a sport, what do we do to train our minds? Our mind plays a vital role in our day to day life and it is important to train our minds every single day, just as we train our bodies.

Believing practice as the key, Samiksha Sports also gave simple daily homework activities for the participants to follow. Participants were asked to follow these simple rituals everyday to see a better effect of the program on them.

The primary focus of this workshop was not only to impart knowledge on Mental Health, but to give different techniques and strategies in which one can manage their stress, anxiety and uncertainty of the future.

We, at Team Samiksha, are overwhelmed by the positive response that has been showered on us. We look forward to engage with such enthusiastic participants in the future.

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