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Importance of right Nutrition for Athletes

Athletes and coaches are much aware nowadays that the food intake or nutrition in short is one of the key factors that contributes to an athlete’s overall performance. Be it an athlete from any sport, any gender or any level, everyone needs the right nutrition diet based on their requirement for an optimal performance. We have seen how top athletes like Virat Kohli, Cristiano Rolando, etc. have constantly spoken about maintaining a strict nutritional diet to keep themselves ahead in the sport. In short, diet plays a crucial role in the enhancement of the performance, providing fuel to the muscles and body fluid replacement.

But what is exactly the role of diet and nutrition for sports performance? Let me crisply share the array of benefits brought by focusing on food as a critical factor for athletic performance:

1. Helps you train longer and harder

2. Onset of fatigue is delayed

3. Helps maintain / boost immunity

4. Enhances performance

5. Improved recovery

6. Reduces the risk of injury

7. Improved body composition

8. Better cognition and mental clarity for quick decision making & concentration.

9. Improved gut health that’s key to nutrient absorption and overall metabolism.

Different components of nutrition that an athlete should be aware of:

1. Carbohydrates - Most important source of energy for any physical activity. Mainly used as fuel by the body

2. Protein - Key component that helps in muscle revitalization

3. Fat - Against the contrary, fat too plays a vital role by helping joint structures, cell membranes and hormonal production.

Typical consumption strategies by athletes:

1. Pre competition or training

2. During competition or training

3. Post competition or training

To get a deeper and better understanding on how nutrition plays a vital role in an athlete’s daily schedule do attend our workshop on performance nutrition scheduled on 27th March 2021. To register please visit the link below:

About the author

Kalyani KL is a nutritionist consultant at Eat.Fit. She has done her masters in nutrition. She is a ardent believer of Food is Thy Medicine. According to her every individual shares a unique bond with food which once struck a balance with can become complementing, therapeutic and healing.

If you wish to attend the workshop please register here:

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